February Goals and TBR!


Hello everyone!

I love this time of the month when we look back at what we’ve accomplished and create goals for the upcoming month! It is refreshing to take a step back and see how we are progressing in relation to our goals. And yes! I think there are always encouraging things that we can say to ourselves, even if we are not (yet) where we aim to be.






Read 5 books! From diverse genres!

Minimize spending on books by borrowing from libraries or buying from second-hand stores! (I registered at the library in my new city! Yay!!!)



Write a bit every day. After taking a break throughout January (because, #life), I am ready to get back into the groove of things again! It will be hard to commit to a certain word count amount each day because of my new job, however, I think I just have to pick up the pen and get started. I think writing a bit each day is a way to get back into the rhythm of things without feeling overwhelmed.



Review the books that I read.

Post on Mondays and Thursdays. I did have to reduce my post frequency in January (because…. #life, haha :’) ) One of these days I might post more often, however, right now twice a week is a comfortable amount for me.

Blog hop on Tuesdays and Fridays. Before I always blog hopped here and there, however, it was easy to fall off the wagon once life became more overwhelming. I think one possible solution is to blog hop on set days of the week 🙂



Continue to recycle and compost appropriately!

Use reusable cloths instead of napkins and paper towels. (Exceptions: cleaning after my dog and toilet paper, lol!)

Use reusable shopping bags and produce bags instead of plastic bags. (Exceptions: poop bags for my dog)


(Not my greyhound but it is an accurate depiction of what he does all day :’) )

And, last but not least…

Figure out what I’m doing at work. Although I am continuing to be a pharmacist, I am now working in a different province, a different hospital, and a different clinical specialty. So I feel like I am starting from square one again :’) It will take time, but I want to study a bit each day and become good at what I do.


What are some books you plan to read this month? What are some of your other goals? Do you have a schedule for blogging and/or blog-hopping? What do you do to get the writing juices flowing again after taking a break?



Pole Diaries: January

Pole Diary

Warning: There are some pictures of, um, people on, um, poles. So if you are sensitive towards this type of content, please skip this post and come back on Monday 🙂

Hello everyone!

One of my goals this year is to post more about my non-bookish hobbies, so… Yes! I am making another post about pole! Eeeeeeek! (That’s me being excited and nervous at the same time!)


I want to share with you guys two moves that I am VERY VERY SUPER DUPER EXCITED to have learned in the past few months. I’ve been working on these since forever, and I am SO GLAD that I can finally do them without, well, falling on my face.

The first one is the twisted-grip Ayesha:


As you can see, this is a move that requires a lot of grip strength and arm strength, and some balance as well. (Without enough balance, you would just tip over to one side.)

It is called a twisted-grip Ayesha because of the positioning of my top hand. The twisted grip makes this move a lot easier because your grip is more secure. I am still working on the regular grip Ayesha, which really scares me!


You guys might have seen this picture from one of my previous posts! This is a much more beautiful Ayesha. See how her legs are angled parallel to the ground? On the other hand, when I do this move, my legs are tilted upwards. One of my upcoming goals is to improve my hip flexibility to be able to make this move look better.

The second move that I am proud of is the BRASS BRIDGE!!!!!!


This is a pretty difficult move to get into (it takes like a bajillion steps!!) Also, if you do this move wrong or slip out of it, YOU WILL FALL ON YOUR FACE. (Hence the mat underneath me.) The secret to this move is that it is ALL in your knee pit.* Your hands do almost nothing and are kinda there for a placebo effect.

*Knee pit is a term that I learned once I started pole dancing. It essentially is the back of your knee, which you use to grip the pole in moves such as this. It like your armpit except for your knee. 😉

However, this move doesn’t look very impressive yet. Here is how it is supposed to look like:


See that CRAZY back arch!? (Which is pretty much non-existent in my version of the move.) Back flexibility is something that I want to work on this year. Flexibility in general really isn’t my forte. I can muscle my way into many moves but I get stuck when it requires bendiness :’)

My Pole Goals:

  1. Improve hip and back flexibility by stretching lots.
  2. Practice the regular grip Ayesha and the handspring Ayesha.**
  3. Find a pole studio in Vancouver where I have recently moved to.
  4. Set up my own pole & crash mats at my new place!

** I haven’t talked about the handspring Ayesha in this post. That’s because I don’t have any photos/videos to show you guys since it doesn’t exist yet!

PS. Thank you everyone for your kind wishes for my flight from Toronto to Vancouver! Charles and I have landed safely in Vancouver and moved into our new place. However, there has been some miscommunication between the building and property managers and… basically they are not sure anymore if Charles can stay (he is a greyhound which is considered a large breed). SO we might be kicked out 😦 😦 #life #adultingREALLYsucks

Otherwise we are fine and dandy :’)


Let me know if you like this post, and if you want to see more updates about my pole journey! What do you do to stay fit? What are your fitness goals this year?


27 Things that I Learned at 27

27 Things

Hi everyone!

So……….. Apparently this weekend I am turning 27!? It’s funny because it seemed like a short while ago when I was still 20 haha… Where did the last 7 years go!?


(They say that time flies when you get older. One day I’ll be 65 and think, “Where did the last 45 years go!?”)

To be absolutely, positively honest, I am not fond of my own birthday. I LOVE birthdays and celebrating them with other people. However, when it comes to my own birthday… I’ve been terrified of this day since October.


Being an introvert, I dislike being in the centre of attention. I also don’t want people to feel like they have to get me a present. (Psst… Because, well, now that I am an adult, I don’t always get my friend birthday presents. Terrible friend I am, I know!)

On the other hand, I do want to be surrounded by other people on my birthday. So… What happens is that each year on January 7, I invite my friends out to dinner hoping that no one knows that it is my birthday. The latter is only sometimes successful :’)


However, I have no qualms with the “getting older” aspect of birthdays. I really do believe in one year older, one year wiser. Looking back, there are things that I am glad to have learned, that I didn’t realize 7 years back.

Here are some things I’ve learned 🙂

27) Tea should be steeped for 2 minutes, not 20

26) Drive to Toronto after 6PM, not before

25) The road to hell is paved by adverbs but

24) It is really hard to not use adverbs

23) If I write a chapter a day, I can finish a book, however


22) Editing is HARD

21) I may never be 84 pounds but

20) I can run 30 kilometres and

19) Hold an Ayesha or Brass Monkey


18) I am an introvert

17) So are Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, and JK Rowling

16) I pay lip-service to travelling but

15) My favourite part is FLYING and DRIVING


14) To be honest I don’t mind a staycation

13) My passport may be Canadian, and I love Canada and Canadians but

12) I am forever Chinese (and proud)


11) I can be alone without being lonely

10) Less is better

9) Stay away from negativity because

8) There is a silver lining in most situations and


7) I am very extremely superbly lucky

6) Adulting is hard (job, rent, making your own food)

5) That dream we dreamed as little kids seem far away but

4) Hold on, small steps, set goals

3) Rome was not built in a day

2) Measure my accomplishments by myself, not others

1) Never ever stop dreaming


Photos courtesy of Pinterest 🙂


Do you like birthdays? How do you celebrate your own birthday? Do you like getting older?

2018 Goals: reading, writing, blogging, and life


Hello everyone!

It must be cliched for me to say this but- WOW, can you guys believe that it is the start of another year!? Time always has a way of flying by :’)

2017 was an action-packed year for me, and it looks like 2018 will be just as eventful (if not even more so!) That keeps life interesting, doesn’t it? 🙂

Personally, I do not believe in New Year resolutions per se (ie. miraculous lifestyle changes over night). If we really want to make a significant change in our lives, we can start any day of the year instead of waiting until January 1st. After all, isn’t January 1st just another day?

However, I do believe in setting goals that are challenging, but realistic and attainable.  In fact, I LOVE setting goals because it gives me a purpose, and there is that wonderful feeling when I am able to make progress towards my goal – the “I got my #&$% together” feeling 😉



Goal #1: Read 60 books (4-6 books / month)

In 2017, I read 55 books. Most of these were read in the latter half of the year (June onwards) when I became involved with the book blogging community. Each month, I can read 4-6 books comfortably depending on how much free time I have. Taking the average of that, seems like 60 books a year is a good goal 🙂

Goal #2: Read from diverse genres and authors

In 2017, the following genres were over-represented: YA contemporary (36%), YA sci-fi (11%), Fantasy (11%), and Non-Fiction (11%). On the other hand, I’ve only read 1 Classic novel and 1 Graphic Novel, and… embarrassingly, I haven’t read a single Historical Fiction. Also, I tend to read books from my favourite authors instead of trying new ones. In 2018, I want to challenge myself by reading from diverse genres, such as these books on my TBR:

You guys may recognize these from the Goodreads Choice Awards List of 2017 😉

Goal #3: Actually HAVE a bookshelf

As in, right now, I have lots of physical books but no physical bookshelf. They kind of sit in a pile in my room. It’s kind of embarrassing.

Since I am moving to a new place and buying a whole new set of furniture, I will absolutely invest in a bookshelf 🙂



Goal #4: Finish writing Children of the Sun (February – April)

Towards the end of 2017, I’ve been researching and editing this new baby of mine. Then, two week ago, I decided to go ahead and start writing. I plowed through about 4000 words before… well, life happened. January will likely be just as busy for me. However, starting February, I hope to be back into full-on writing mode again. My plan is to get back into the groove of writing on a daily basis, with the plan to finish Children of the Sun by the end of May.

Goal #5: Start and finish Draft 5 of Matt and Olivia (May – August)

You guys may remember Matt and Olivia from my Untitled Manuscript. This project occupied my mind for pretty much all of 2017. Since I finished Draft 4 in November, I haven’t even looked at the manuscript. (It kind of terrifies me…) However, now that I am starting to hear back from beta-readers, I am planning for a 5th draft. Not sure yet whether this will be a major revision or a polish! I hope to start this in May and complete the draft by the end of August.

Goal #6: NANOWRIMO!??! (October – November)

I missed Nanowrimo back in 2017 because of travel and family reasons, however I do love the idea of Nanowrimo, so I am REALLY excited to hop onto the wagon again for 2018! However, I have no idea what to write yet. (October is for planning!)



Goal #7: Get organized

I’ve been blogging 3 times weekly for the past while, which is working for me. I also VERY recently learned to write posts in advance, WHICH IS A LIFESAVER AND I MUST RECOMMEND TO ALL BLOGGERS OUT THERE! For 2018, I also invested in a journal which I will use to brainstorm and organize my blog post ideas. If this works out well, maybe I will do a post about organizing blog posts!?

Goal #8: Review 90% of the books I read

I am good at reading books however I have been TERRIBLE at posting reviews this past year. However, I discovered mini-reviews very recently, which I enjoy writing so much more than full-length reviews.

Goal #9: Write more posts about lifestyle topics

Although I love books and blogging about books, I also have lots of other interests and other ideas bouncing around my head all the time. In 2018, I hope to introduce some of these topics to my blog (such as fashion and DIY.) Of course I will continue to blog about reading and writing!



Goal #10: Live sustainably

This is something that I’ve been thinking about for the past year or so but only began to implement. Sustainability is a HUGE topic that could easily be a whole blog post on its own. Long story short: I realized that I buy so many things that I don’t even need, and much of it either ends up cluttering up my apartment. The truth is that a lot of clothing and other household goods can’t be disposed of in a manner that is environmentally friendly. Isn’t it better to buy fewer things in the first place?

Unfortunately I am actually the WORST person to be a minimalist. I am a pack rat and I find it hard to let go. However, since I am moving across the country, I’ve taken the opportunity to clean out my closet and my apartment. I am inviting some friends over for my first-ever clothing swap which I am super excited for! After this, I will be more cautious about buying things that I truly need and love.

Other than changing my shopping habits, I will also be taking the public transit more (instead of driving), and learning to compost.


What is your approach to the New Year? What are your goals for 2018!? Do you write posts in advance? Are you a pack rat or a minimalist (or somewhere in between)?

2017 Wrap-Up: Books, blogging, writing, and life


Hello everyone!

Whoa. I am a bit intimidated to write this post. It is one thing to wrap up a month but…….. an entire year!?! I am not even sure if I remember everything that happened this year, since I have a memory of a goldfish.


However, let’s have a crack at it and see how it goes!


Read 55 books! WHICH IS MORE THAN I’VE EVER READ IN A YEAR! Though there are many amazing peeps who read many more books out there (I don’t know how you guys do it), 55 books is still very very amazing for me :’)

Discovered some amazing authors, like Becky Albertalli, V.E. Schwab, and Jasmine Warga, who I will follow to the end of the Earth until the end of time.

Fell back in love with reading. I was a big reader back in elementary school and high school. Then something happened in university (academic journal articles and pharmacology textbooks, to be exact), and… I stopped. For a long stretch of time, I thought that fiction was fiction and that though I loved reading, books can’t help me in life. But I realized that I was wrong. Because in stories, we find ourselves and we become more accepting of other people.



Started a blog and STUCK TO IT. To be honest, I’ve had a few failed attempts at starting blogs in the past. This time around, because I discovered the book blogging community which made all the difference! I found some amazing blogs and met some awesome people that made me want to keep blogging!

Wrote 100+ posts!!! A week or so ago, I got an alert from WordPress congratulating me on 100 posts. And I thought, “What? It can’t be?!” BUT IT WAS!!

Blogged about some topics (bookish and otherwise) that matter a lot to me. Here are some of my favourite posts:

  1. Stereotypes in Fiction
  2. On Being an Introvert
  3. The Upside of Being Alone
  4. 5 Reasons to Pole Dance
  5. Come See China with Me

I’ve always been a quiet person, but in blogging, I learned more about myself 🙂


Edited a novel for the first time (and the second, and the third.) AND WOW, writing a novel is one thing, but PERFECTING it is a whole different beast.

Posted snippets of my novel on this blog. Which is a SCARY, SCARY thing at first, but hearing others’ feedback is something I grew to enjoy.

Learned the value of plotting and research.

Dscovered other writers through blogging. For once in my life, I realized that I am not writing in a vacuum, and that there are other people who love writing as much as I do.


Drove across Canada (Toronto to Vancouver), which was a super DUPER fun road trip. And WOW, Canada is a beautiful country.

Travelled to Banff, Hawaii, and China. I can’t pick a favourite place: They are wonderful in different ways.

Prepared to move across the country, which involved job interviews, apartment hunting, and figuring out what is happening with my professional license (ultimate #adulting, you guys).

AND, last but not least…

I got engaged 🙂


And that’s all!

Of course there were a few things that I’ve set out to do in the beginning of the year that I didn’t get around to doing- books that I wanted to read, healthier eating and sleeping habits, home decorating, blog-renovating, minimalism… However, I accept that there is only so much that I can do with my time. In hindsight, I have no regrets 🙂


How did this year go for you? What are some of the highlights? What are your proudest accomplishments?

Seven-Day B&W Photo Challenge: Colour & Explanations

Seven-Day B&W Challenge-2

Hello everyone!

Last week, I took on the 7-day B&W photo challenge. It was super fun to take photos of things that are important to me. However, the hardest part was that I could not explain what each photo was about!

So…………. I am making a post with the explanations. After being inspired by Darren @ The Arty Plantsman‘s post, I also decided to show you guys the colour versions of my photos.

Hopefully, you will learn a bit more about me, my life and my quirky hobbies :’)


This is the medium-sized city where I’ve been living and working for the past 2.5 years. Although it is not my hometown (Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China) or where my family lives (Toronto, Ontario, Canada), it is starting to feel like home. I will miss this city when I move across the country in January!


This is my greyhound, Charles (who you may remember from my previous blog posts!) When not eating, he can be found (very reliably) on his comfy dog bed.


Aside from blogging, reading and writing, I also love crafts. My friends and I met for a crafting day. We painted our own wine glasses!


This is the pair of drinking glasses that I painted for my friend, featuring her two kitties.


As some of you guys have guessed, this is the Scrivener file for my WIP (the research and plotting stages.) It is also the location in my home where I do my blogging, reading, and writing.

Pssst… See that table underneath? My dad and I made that! (Crafty genes run in the family :P)


Instead of buying Christmas cards, I thought it would be more personal to draw my own. In case you guys are wondering: the left-most card features a pair of ornaments, and the words “I like hanging with you”. (Isn’t that so cute!?)


Since I am moving across the country and leaving my current workplace soon, I also have many thank you cards to draw and write! This is my ongoing DIY project.

PS. I would absolutely have to credit Pinterest for the kitty glasses and the card designs. I could never have come up with those on my own :’)


Did any of these explanations surprise you? Do you like the black & white or colour versions better? Do you have a pet (or want to have one?) Do you like DIY and crafts?

Seven Day B&W Photo Challenge: Day 7


The rules for the challenge are the following:

“Seven days. Seven black and white photos of your life. No people. No explanation. Challenge someone new each day”.

Today, I challenge Chauncey Rogers!

(Of course you are not obligated to do this challenge! And on the other hand, if you haven’t been directly challenged but want to give this a try, absolutely go for it!)